"We have quadrupled our lead conversion and buyer appointments  working with Dirk Zeller and Real Estate Champions. The results have been unbelievable..."
"The 3 Crucial Areas That Will Determine How Successful You Are in Real Estate Sales, and
How to Master Them Step-by-Step..."
One of the most common questions I get asked on a daily basis is, "Where should I start? What programs should I should invest in first?"

My answer's always the same: If you want to kickstart a revenue increase in a short amount of time and also ensure your success in the future, you want to invest in a program that covers 3 critical areas that will determine your level of success and revenue...
If you don't have these areas mastered, you're probably leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in GCI on the table - I've seen it happen even with most successful Top Producers that I've coached. So what are these fundamental areas of your business? Take a look:
  • Mastery of Your Leads: How to not only have more leads, but save thousands of hours of time by having systems in place to capture, qualify, and follow-up with leads so you can convert significantly more prospects
  • Delivering a Dynamic Listing Presentation: How to not only nail every listing presentation, but increase how many face-to-face appointments you go on as well
  • Converting/Committing Your Buyers: How to get highly-motivated buyers 100% committed to you at nearly every appointment you take
These areas are so important, yet also very hard to master as there are simply so many elements you have to look into. Take it from me: it can take many years of painful trial & error to develop the right scripts, strategies, and specific systems to reach the pinnacle of your real estate career. The good news if that you don't have to! The hard work has already been done for you...

So what's the solution? I'd like to introduce you to:
(Self-Paced ONLINE Training)
How to reach the highest level of success in your business by mastering:
Lead Management & Conversion, Listing Presentations and the
Pre-Listing Process, and Converting/Committing Buyers
This will give you the three, what I would call, "must-have" programs every Agent should be using in their businesses if they want to reach their maximum potential in Real Estate Sales.

In them, you will discover the proven (by literally thousands of Agents) tools, tactics, and scripts that have been perfected not only from my own experiences of consistently producing 150+ transactions a year as an individual Agent, but through mastermind groups with some of the biggest Champion Agents in North America...
"During my 35 years in real estate, I have attended many seminars, conferences, etc. and purchased tapes, CDs, and other marketing tools. Dirk Zeller's approach to teaching is the very best in terms of context, completeness, and clarity. He gives you not only the information but also the feeling that YOU have got what it takes to be successful. Thank you, Dirk."
~ Augie Garcia, Pinnacle Realty 
Module 1: Lead Mastery
"How to Save Time & Money by Mastering: Lead Capture, Lead Qualification, Lead Conversion, and Lead Management"
This training will give you powerful systems to put in place & scripts to use that will help you capture, assess, qualify, and follow-up with leads to convert significantly more prospects.

In this program, I'm going to reveal time-tested (by literally thousands of Agents) and field-proven lead systems, complete with scripts, dialogues, forms, checklists, letter templates and more.
With these tools, you won't need a ton of leads to see significant revenue increases. You'll be able to see great leaps in your production just by utilizing your current sphere.
This training will teach you: 
  • Complete Lead Categorization & Assessment System (With Forms and Checklists)
  • Lead Qualification System with 81 Proven & Tested Scripts
  • Prospect Inventory System
  • 15 Killer Follow-Up Letter Templates
  • Prospect Interview Worksheets
  • Complete Voicemail Script System for Prospects
  • Scripts to Handle All 22 Lead Types
  • 4 Sure-Fire Follow-Up Strategy Plans - Step-By-Step
  • The Power of a Great Opening Statement (How to Build Yours)
  • The WorstOpening Statement (95% of Agents Use It & How to Fix It)
  • Step-By-Step Lead Follow-Up Instructions Including Scripts and Detailed Systems
  • Much more...
"Thanks Dirk! I have been reading your Coaches Corner articles every week for a year, finally took the plunge and invested in your material... I went out over the weekend on 3 listing appts and just entered the second into MLS. Thanks for the confidence booster, and now I finally know how to have the 'EDGE'."
~ Michelle Anderson, Crossroads Realty
Module 2: Convert & Commit the Buyer... Every Time!
"The Secret to Closing More Buyers With LESS Leads: The Champion Buyer Process Completely Systemized from Beginning to End..."
With the majority of Agents in North American doing more transactions on the buyer side than the seller side, you need to make sure that you're converting every possibility you have in the marketplace.

With this program, you'll have ALL the tools & scripts you need to not only get more buyers face-to-face, but convert them to dedicated clients at nearly every appointment you take. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say you can potentially double your business in just a few months, I've seen it happen over and over again. All you have to do is start using the tools in your business...
This training will teach you: 
  • Value Building Tactics Customized for your Client’s Mind 
  • How to Convert the Buyer on the First Call
  • Objection Handling Tactics for Appointment Setting, Signing the Contract, and more 
  • Champion Agent's Buyer Interview Including 41 Crucial Questions to Ask that Will Save You Tons of Time With Buyers
  • Advanced Conversion Techniques to Drive Them to Commit 
  • How to Guarantee Long-Term Commitment 
  • Tactics to Closing a Commitment Meeting
  • Exclusive Tools to Get Them to Sign a Representation Agreement NOW!
  • Dozens of Worksheets, Handouts, Interview Forms and Strategies 
  • Powerful Scripts, Dialogues, and Critiques that Cover ALL Aspects of Conversion
  • Prospect Capture, Inventory, and Conversion Forms 
  • Much More...
"Excellent!! Would recommend to new and experienced agents. Just taking a few of the ideas has increased my closing ratio on listing appointments."
~ Roseann Hofmann, Prudential California Realty
Module 3: How to Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation
"How to Get the Listing on the 1st Appointment: The Champion Listing Presentation Systemized from Beginning to End..."
The difference between getting the listing and walking out with "we'll think it over and get back to you" is all in your presentation. 

If you walk in with these time-tested & proven Listing Presentation scripts & strategies, you'll walk out with the listing - it's that simple.

With these systems in place, it will be a no-brainer for the seller to list their property with you on the first appointment, and just as importantly at a competitive price so you get quickly get it sold. 
You'll not only have all the winning scripts & dialogues to nail every presentation you go on, but powerful seller handouts and scripts to help you secure significantly more appointments as well.
This training will teach you: 
  • Dozens of Seller Handouts for Your Listing Presentation 
  • Champion Listing Presentation Package Including Letter Templates, Seller Surveys, Market Handouts, Seller Resource Handouts (Too Many to List)
  • Listing Prospect Pre-Qualification Interview Forms & Scripts 
  • Dozens of Scripts for You to Handle the Listing Presentation 
  • Forms & Checklists for Your Listing Presentation 
  • The Complete Pre-Listing Package Kit - Handouts and Forms
  • Listing Presentation Evaluation Worksheet (Helps You Perfect Your Presentation) 
  • Much More...
"I can’t tell you how much I have benefited from “How to Create and Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation” and “Convert and Commit the Buyer Every Time”. They truly have changed the way I approach my presentations to clients and prospects. I am very thankful I found Dirk Zeller and I know the investment in this training will pay off a thousandfold."
~ Christopher Cassin, Independence Realty 
REC Live Virtual Classroom Testimonials
To make this sale even more valuable, you'll get instant-access to the following bonuses:
Black Friday Bonus #1: The REALTOR's Ultimate Car Companion (online version) - $199 Value FREE
I've hand selected and bundled 10 of my best 1-hour audio training programs for this series. As agents we can spend countless hours in our vehicles - instead of wasting that time, why not invest it into building a more profitable business? That's exactly why this program was created.

Note: This is the online version that you'll get access to immediately in our Online Training Hub, and you can download the audio files to access them offline / transfer them to your phone / etc...
Titles included:
  • 5 Steps to Finishing Strong
  • Unlock Your Potential
  • Jumpstart Your Year
  • Mindset of a Champion
  • 10 Steps to Championship Performance
  • Take It Up to the Champion Level
  • Preparing for a Changing Marketplace
  • How to Leverage Your Business
  • Relationship Excellence
  • How to Increase Your Income by 100K
Black Friday Bonus #2: Blueprint to Success 9-Session Online Video Series - $199 Value FREE
We've never offered this as a bonus before, but with this sale you'll get it completely free...

You'll learn how to utilize better goal settings strategies, and develop a plan / create a personal blueprint to greater success as an Agent and in life in general.

Note: Includes 9 online video sessions and a .pdf workbook.
Black Friday Bonus #3: 25 Additional Training Videos
As part of the Black Friday deal I've included 25 of some of my best training videos for you to get instant access to:
Bonus #4: Streaming Audio and e-Books
You'll not only get access to 4 audio programs, but 3 e-books that you'll all be able to quickly access in our Online Training Hub:
e-Books/Audio Programs included:
  • 7 Smart Ways to Explode Your Production - Streaming Audio
  • How to Increase Your Income by $100K - Streaming Audio 
  • 5 Steps to Finishing Strong - Streaming Audio 
  • Mindset of a Champion - Streaming Audio 
  • Blueprint for Success - e-Book
  • Jumpstart Your Production - e-Book
  • Successful Selling in Tough Times and Tough Markets - e-Book 
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Sign up today, attend the first session, and if you aren't satisfied or convinced that the course will help your business, I'll refund 100% of your investment. No hassle...
What You'll Get in The Success Trio™ (online):
  • Module 1: Lead Mastery™
  • 4 Audio Sessions of In-Depth Audio Training and Instruction
  • 1 Online Workbook Full of Scripts, Handouts, Forms, Instruction, Etc.
  • Module 2: How to Create & Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation™
  • 4 Audio Sessions of In-Depth Audio Training and Instruction
  • 1 Online Workbook Full of Scripts, Handouts, Forms, Instruction, Etc.
  • Module 3: Convert and Commit the Buyer... Every Time!™
  • 4 Audio Sessions of In-Depth Audio Training and Instruction
  • 1 Online Workbook Full of Scripts, Handouts, Forms, Instruction, Etc.
  • Black Friday Bonus #1: ​The REALTOR's Ultimate Car Companion (online version) - $199 Value - FREE
  • Black Friday Bonus #2: ​Blueprint to Success Online Video Series - $199 Value - FREE
  • Black Friday Bonus #3:​ 25 Training Videos by Dirk Zeller - $99 Value - FREE
  • Bonus #4: Streaming Audio and e-Books - $120 Value - FREE
Self-Paced Training from the comfort of your home or office
DEADLINE: Cyber Monday discounts
end TODAY at midnight PT:
Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone.
To your success,
Dirk Zeller, Founder & CEO
Real Estate Champions, Inc.

P.S. Remember the Cyber Monday/Black Friday sale expires on December 2nd, so if you're interested make sure to take advantage of the sale before it ends...
"My name is John Cresi and I want to thank Dirk for the opportunity to enhance my sales skills and develop my business through Listing Edge. I also appreciated the personal follow up by Dirk soliciting my input and making sure the information met needs."
~ John Cresi on Listing Edge, Catonsville, MD
"I am a new Realtor and have had limited experience with listing presentations. I have not been given instruction in house to help me develop my listing presentation skills. Listing Edge has put me on the road to being confident in my listing presentations and my ability to answer the question: 'Why should I hire you'."
~ Ron McCord on Listing Edge, Tustin, CA
"I would highly recommend Listing Edge by Dirk Zeller. The information and strategies learned in the class are integral to taking your business to the next level."
~ Matt Ebbighausen on Listing Edge, Burnsville, MN
"I have taken other Real Estate Champions' courses before. The new program on expireds was as great as their others. The scripts and dialogues they taught were exceptional. The course delivery and design helped me master my fear of call reluctance. I am on pace to take two expired listings a month because of Expired Edge!"
~ Linda Serf-McGeehan on Expired Edge, Laurel, MD
"Dirk Zeller makes you want to just roll up your sleeves and get into action. The strategies presented are real, they are not complicated. He is knowledgeable, encouraging and direct. It makes this training easy to implement. He is about implementation. I also really appreciate how accessible he is in the training, for answering questions real time. Thanks for this course!"
~ Lara Pietras, Media, PA
"The Expired Edge Program was a dream come true! I jumped at the chance when this program was offered and to have you coach me and you didn't let me down! I am now approaching expired owners without fear and have been successful in asking and getting appointments. The scripts that I learned addressed every situation an expired has thrown at me. I have confidence; now I know I can do this!"
~ Dottie Gawel on Expired Edge, Asbury, NJ
"Dirk Zeller has been helping me stay motivated in my real estate business since 2006. When the market turned down, he encouraged me to expand outside of my comfort level. Dirk's coaching helped me claw my way back into sales when I lost my rental properties to the Great Recession. 

When builders, agents, and brokers were dropping out of sales like flies, Dirk empathized with the market and gave me pointers to find business. Dirk gave me catchy phrases to advertise that drove people to my website. Each year I am gaining momentum and 2015 appears to be a record breaking year for my team and me."
~ Laura Chaney, Lawrence, KS
"The Expired Edge Program taught by Dirk Zeller is a must take for anyone who is serious about listing expired properties on a consistent basis. The strategies, scripts, dialogues and systems taught are essential to success in this niche of real estate. I know; because of Expired Edge I will list my goal of 48 expired listings for this year! HIGHLY recommend the program."
~ Paul Senior on Expired Edge, Upper Marlboro, MD
"Dirk has an amazing ability to aggregate alot of information and distill the best of the best for agents to implement. He seems to be always on the cutting edge of systems and strategies to refine and deliver to us information we can implement in our market place. I know that just on one idea it will create a big impact on our bottom line."
~ Dan Biel, Tucson, AZ
"Over the 6 weeks that we were involved in the course I created 65 leads, booked 12 appointments, took 7 listings and put 4 listings under contract. The numbers are real and the experience was top notch.
The numbers that I had created regarding leads, contact and appointments was done in November and December. If Dirk's system works during that time of the year, imagine the income that you will make using the same exact system in the booming spring and summer markets. Thank you for the game changing program!"
~ Jimmy Noble, Elkridge, MD - on Expired Edge™
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