"This coaching is the absolute best I have experienced in my 10 years as RE agent and is the only effective way to go to the next level. I've taken other coaching classes and while helpful, do not measure up with the strong impact DZ has."
~ Rene Welvaert, Glen Allen, VA
"Discover How to Start Building a Top-Producing
Real Estate Team Over the Next 4 Weeks..."
Whether you're a veteran or are just starting to build your team, most teams face the inevitable problem of hitting a ceiling in their production. 

It can take years to break through to the next level if you don't have the right systems in place... or if you are relying too much on trial & error.

I've personally coached hundreds of teams to the top of their marketplaces (in the latest Wall Street Journal Top 250 team list, 67 of the teams were Real Estate Champions' clients). The truth is, there are certain "pieces to the puzzle" you need to have in place if you want to expand your team year after year.

If you're missing even one or two of them, your production can be slowed or even completely stalled. That's why I'm going to be covering them step-by-step in our live virtual classroom, Building a High Performance Team.

Keep reading for all the details and how to sign up:
What You'll Learn:
  • Specific Steps to take, Tools, and Systems for how to clarify and establish a rock-solid foundation for your business. Use these to set yourself up for success decades into the future.
  • How to use the QuadraTrack™ system - powerful, multi-track scripts for any step in the sales process. Never get thrown off track or caught off guard with a prospect; you and your team will be able to achieve consistent results you can count on.
  • The Four Core Success Plans that every member of your team needs to construct to increase their production and quality of life dramatically. Create an Activity Management Plan and follow the 5-5-5 System of Success to ensure that your team members are consistently growing your business.
  • 8 Stages of Organizational Growth that you must do in the right order if you want to achieve true wealth in your business. Getting these right will ensure that your net profit is on the rise every year.
  • How to use the DISC assessment tool to match the right people to the right positions to minimize conflicts & maximize your profitability. Being a great company takes great people, and these tools will turn your business into a well-oiled machine with the perfect mix of Agents. 
  • How to create a full Business Dashboard (forms, charts, worksheets, handouts - a complete system) to monitor your actions, results, and revenue. If you start using just this one particular system, you are almost guaranteed to achieve a significant profit increase.
  • Interview questions, ads, and crucial steps/systems to make absolutely sure that you will hire the right people to make your team thrive. Using these can potentially save you thousands of dollars & hours from hiring the wrong people.
  • and more...
"Learn the entire process, step-by-step..."
We're not just going to work on what to do, I'm going to help you actually implement it into your business...

That's why it's taking place in our Live Virtual Classroom (online), and through 4 full sessions.

You don't have to travel anywhere, you can join the online sessions from the comfort of your home or office, and we're going to work together on it piece by piece for 4 weeks.

You can ask questions, role play the scenarios with myself (Dirk Zeller) and other agents in the group, and I'm going to demonstrate and walk you through every tool and strategy.

The goal is not to just teach you the information, but to help you use it in your business, and that's why the interactivity of the live online classroom is invaluable:
Starting Date / Times
First session: Wednesday, July 26th
Start Time:
11:00 am Pacific
1:00 pm Central
2:00 pm Eastern

(*A schedule will be sent to you for future weekly sessions)

Note: Because my goal is to work with and interact with everyone in the group, the course is limited to 100 attendees.
"Dirk Zeller is a fantastic coach and motivator and truly shows the passion, knowledge, and professionalism that comes out in his live sessions and continues thru his written materials. I am even going to sit down and run the recordings again because it is so important to me and my team to become successful listing agents. Thank you Dirk and your great support team!"
~ Rick Tefel on Listing Edge, Boca Raton, FL
REC Live Virtual Classroom Testimonials
With sessions taking place weekly, I want to give you some materials to browse in between. So after you sign up, you'll be able to access the following bonuses:
Bonus #1: 7 Online Training Videos by Dirk Zeller
You'll get access to 7 online training videos that you can start watching right away:
"Dirk, This is an awesome training series. It really teaches people a step by step process for success in listing and selling properties. Training with you for over the last 15 years has been one the keys to my success in the Real Estate Industry. Thank you so much!" 
~ Craig Gaudry on Listing Edge, Kirkland, WA
Bonus #2: Complete e-Book and Streaming Audio Library
Titles included:
  • 7 Smart Ways to Explode Your Production - Streaming Audio
  • How to Increase Your Income by $100K - Streaming Audio 
  • 5 Steps to Finishing Strong - Streaming Audio 
  • Mindset of a Champion - Streaming Audio 
  • Blueprint for Success - e-Book
  • Jumpstart Your Production - e-Book
  • Successful Selling in Tough Times and Tough Markets - e-Book 
Literally thousands of teams over almost 20 years have transformed their businesses with the exact same tools you'll get access to in this course.
I'm absolutely confident that if you take action and implement them you will see dramatic change in your business over both the short and long-term.

However, I don't want you to take my word for it. Come join me in the first session, check things out... and if you aren't satisfied or don't think it's for you, I will return 100% of your investment:
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Sign up today, attend the first session, and if you aren't satisfied or convinced that the course will help your business, I'll refund 100% of your investment. No hassle...
What You'll Get:
  • 4 LIVE Virtual Coaching Sessions of in-depth online training with Dirk Zeller - $1,000+ Value
  • 4 Comprehensive Workbooks Full of tools and systems covered each week in detail $388 Value - Main topics covered:
  • Establishing Your Team Vision
  • Organizing Your Team Growth
  • Building Your Team Through Behavioral Styles
  • Increasing Performance of Your Buyer's Agents
  • Keys to Building a High Performance Team
  • Developing a Successful Prospecting Team
  • Identifying and Solving Team Challenges
  • Team Business Planning and Production Management
  • and more...
  • Bonus #1: 7 Online Training Videos by Dirk Zeller - $140 Value
  • Bonus #2: Complete e-Book and Streaming Audio Library - $90 Value
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Sign up today, attend the 1st session, and if you aren't satisfied or convinced that the course will help increase your revenue I'll refund 100% of your investment...
Sign Up for Building a High Performance Team™:
4-Week LIVE Online Classroom
Attend from the comfort of your home or office
Make sure to sign up before 9:00 am Pacific, July 26th
Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone.
See you in the first session!
Dirk Zeller, CEO
Real Estate Champions, Inc.
P.S. Remember to register before the first session (covered by my guarantee) on July 26th. This class won't be presented again for another year, so make sure to grab your seat today
"Dirk Zeller has been helping me stay motivated in my real estate business since 2006. When the market turned down, he encouraged me to expand outside of my comfort level. Dirk's coaching helped me claw my way back into sales when I lost my rental properties to the Great Recession. 

When builders, agents, and brokers were dropping out of sales like flies, Dirk empathized with the market and gave me pointers to find business. Dirk gave me catchy phrases to advertise that drove people to my website. Each year I am gaining momentum and 2015 appears to be a record breaking year for my team and me."
~ Laura Chaney, Lawrence, KS
"I love to learn. Dirk presents the information in a very understandable and useable manner. This information will put me miles ahead of other new and seasoned agents, Thanks Dirk!"
~ Mark Stapleton, Tucson, AZ
"My name is John Cresi and I want to thank Dirk for the opportunity to enhance my sales skills and develop my business through Listing Edge. I also appreciated the personal follow up by Dirk soliciting my input and making sure the information met needs."
~ John Cresi on Listing Edge, Catonsville, MD
"I have taken other Real Estate Champions' courses before. The new program on expireds was as great as their others. The scripts and dialogues they taught were exceptional. The course delivery and design helped me master my fear of call reluctance. I am on pace to take two expired listings a month because of Expired Edge!"
~ Linda Serf-McGeehan on Expired Edge, Laurel, MD
"Dirk is the man! Hands on nuts and bolts, stuff I can really use in my business. Thank you!"
~ Brian Reagan, Baltimore, MD
"I am a new Realtor and have had limited experience with listing presentations. I have not been given instruction in house to help me develop my listing presentation skills. Listing Edge has put me on the road to being confident in my listing presentations and my ability to answer the question: 'Why should I hire you'."
~ Ron McCord on Listing Edge, Tustin, CA
"I would highly recommend Listing Edge by Dirk Zeller. The information and strategies learned in the class are integral to taking your business to the next level."
~ Matt Ebbighausen on Listing Edge, Burnsville, MN
"Dirk Zeller makes you want to just roll up your sleeves and get into action. The strategies presented are real, they are not complicated. He is knowledgeable, encouraging and direct. It makes this training easy to implement. He is about implementation. I also really appreciate how accessible he is in the training, for answering questions real time. Thanks for this course!"
~ Lara Pietras, Media, PA
"The Expired Edge Program was a dream come true! I jumped at the chance when this program was offered and to have you coach me and you didn't let me down! I am now approaching expired owners without fear and have been successful in asking and getting appointments. The scripts that I learned addressed every situation an expired has thrown at me. I have confidence; now I know I can do this!"
~ Dottie Gawel on Expired Edge, Asbury, NJ
"Dirk has an amazing ability to aggregate alot of information and distill the best of the best for agents to implement. He seems to be always on the cutting edge of systems and strategies to refine and deliver to us information we can implement in our market place. I know that just on one idea it will create a big impact on our bottom line."
~ Dan Biel, Tucson, AZ
"The Expired Edge Program taught by Dirk Zeller is a must take for anyone who is serious about listing expired properties on a consistent basis. The strategies, scripts, dialogues and systems taught are essential to success in this niche of real estate. I know; because of Expired Edge I will list my goal of 48 expired listings for this year! HIGHLY recommend the program."
~ Paul Senior on Expired Edge, Upper Marlboro, MD
"Over the 6 weeks that we were involved in the course I created 65 leads, booked 12 appointments, took 7 listings and put 4 listings under contract. The numbers are real and the experience was top notch.
The numbers that I had created regarding leads, contact and appointments was done in November and December. If Dirk's system works during that time of the year, imagine the income that you will make using the same exact system in the booming spring and summer markets. Thank you for the game changing program!"
~ Jimmy Noble, Elkridge, MD - on Expired Edge™
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