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"How to consistently generate more leads, close more listings, and achieve the level of income you've always wanted as a Real Estate Agent..."
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What is a Champion Agent? Most think it revolves solely around income, and that's certainly a big focus, but it's not the whole picture...

I've seen so many agents exert tremendous amounts of energy trying to hit the top of their marketplaces, and their personal lives are usually sacrificed somewhere down the line. 

The truth is, that's unnecessary - there is a better way, and I've been teaching it through the 10 books I've wrote, hundreds of articles, and to the exclusive group of agents in the Champion Circle™.

How can you consistently create more leads, more listings, more money every year... yet at the same time reduce the amount of time you work? That's what being a Champion Agent is all about, and I'm going to help you get there as a member of the Champion Circle™...
I only open the doors to the Champion Circle™ once or twice a year because of the nature of mentoring a small circle of agents week to week, and this is your opportunity to become part of that group.

It can be difficult to sift through all the different training & coaching systems floating around today. It's especially difficult when you consider that many of the trainers and coaches out there have never stepped foot in front of a buyer or seller, and what they're teaching boils down to theory that they've never actually tested themselves.

So I have to warn you that what I'm going to teach you is NOT theory, and it's not about getting rich quick overnight. It's a collection of systems & scripts crafted in the real-world from my own experiences of selling 150 homes/year as an individual agent (with a 4-day workweek), and constantly refined over the past 2 decades of training & coaching agents across the world.

It's been proven over and over again not just by myself, but more importantly, by the thousands of agents who've put it to use. Here are just a few examples:
Champion Circle™ Testimonials
"Dirk is one of the most knowledgeable coaches in the real estate industry. The Champion Circle interactive classes are unlike any remote or online training I have ever taken. The quality of the content, delivery, engagement and instruction goes beyond in-class training programs.

The Champion Circle is truly a hands on training approach that is second to none. I highly recommend the Champion Circle and Dirk Zeller for anyone serious in building your business!"
~ Dan Allen, Corvallis, OR
"I have been a Real Estate Broker with a successful team for over 25 years. I joined the Champion Circle a few months ago and have taken multiple coaching and training sessions with Dirk Zeller. The live virtual classroom has been amazing. The income and experience and rewards have been exponential. Similar to sports, I have found that live virtual training gives me a road map to implementing success strategies. There is something magical about being in a live virtual classroom that elevates my skill level and creates accountability which I know I need!

Each session has outstanding written materials, scripts, tools and examples. Everything is broken down into easy to follow formats, and bite sized segments. This program really has changed my business."
~ Daniel Biel, Tucson, AZ
"The Champion Circle has provided me with the foundation in skills and strategies to build and increase my business. It provides me a mix of lead generation courses, sales courses, business courses, team building courses and touches all the bases for an agent or team's business. If I happen to miss a session I can access it from the recorded menu."
~ Stephanie Taylor, Palm Springs, CA
"I was a 100% REO Agent for 8 years & was in need of a serious mindset change & sales training. I explored a few other coaches and made a decision to go with Real Estate Champions' Champion Circle program and I am glad that I did. The weekly training classes are packed with helpful scripts, tips, current matters, and the latest real estate trends and tools that I could immediately apply to my daily business.

The live online classes are amazing and Dirk takes the time to answer all questions. I would recommend the Champion Circle to anyone old or new in the business who is looking for coaching at an affordable price."
~ Chris Benson, Queen Creek, AZ
"Get a 'class pass' to ALL Live Virtual Classrooms"
It's not just about having the right tools, it's about making sure you put them to use. We've all bought books we haven't read, or maybe attended teleseminars where you only took away a few pieces of info.

The most effective way to learn is through live interaction, and that's at the core of our Live Virtual Classrooms. But more than that, the classes provide accountability, which has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to increase your revenue as an agent. To have someone else there to check your numbers each week, to make sure you're on target, it's absolutely priceless.

Each month I personally host a Live Virtual Classroom with a small group of agents, and as a Champion Circle™ member, you will be able to attend every one of them:
Access to ALL Live Virtual Training Classes
So instead of attending a class here and there, or picking up a few pieces of information now and again, you'll be able to consistently attend courses designed to improve your skills in every core area of your business, and I'm going to coach you through everything step-by-step, week to week.
Classes include:
"Join from the comfort of your home or office"
Each class takes place in our Adobe Connect classroom and is live & interactive with slides, video/audio feed of myself, chat, and voice communication. I'll be walking you through everything step-by-step and interacting with you in the weekly sessions (4-6+ sessions for each class). 

You can choose which classes to attend depending on your schedule, and you'll be able to quickly join from the comfort of your own home or office.

I'm also going to be personally mentoring you and this small group through a private Facebook group and an exclusive 90-minute Q&A session just for members each month. 

What can you do in between sessions? Aside from putting the tools & systems to good use, you'll also be able to explore the full Video Training Library:

Video Training Library (300+ Videos)
The Video Training Library contains 300+ videos on a wide variety of topics like:
Business, Buyer Conversion, Listings, FSBOs and Expireds, Leads, Marketing, Motivation, Objections, Sales, Referrals, Showings, Time Management, Prospecting
"Access everything in one location, with one simple login"
You'll be able to access the Video Training Library and everything else in the Champion Circle™ Membership Site with one simple login you'll receive right after signing up.

In addition to the VTL, you can use your member's-only discount code to get 50% off any program on the site (excluding books) as many times as you want.

To add some more value and material between sessions, you'll also get access to these bonuses: 
Bonus #1: The REALTOR's Ultimate Car Companion
You'll get instant access to The REALTOR®'s Ultimate Car Companion, a collection of ten 1-hour online training programs:
Titles included:
  • 5 Steps to Finishing Strong™
  • Unlock Your Potential™ 
  • Jumpstart Your Year™
  • Mindset of a Champion™
  • 10 Steps to Championship Performance™
  • Take It Up to the Champion Level™ 
  • Preparing for a Changing Marketplace™
  • How to Leverage Your Business™
  • Relationship Excellence™
  • How to Increase Your Income by 100K™
*physical representation of digital program
Bonus #2: e-Book and Streaming Audio Library
You'll get instant access to the Complete e-Book and Streaming Audio Library in our online Training Hub. 
Titles included:
  • 7 Smart Ways to Explode Your Production - Streaming Audio
  • How to Increase Your Income by $100K - Streaming Audio 
  • 5 Steps to Finishing Strong - Streaming Audio 
  • Mindset of a Champion - Streaming Audio 
  • Blueprint for Success - e-Book
  • Jumpstart Your Production - e-Book
  • Successful Selling in Tough Times and Tough Markets - e-Book 
Bonus #3: Blueprint to Success™ Goal-Setting Video Series
This is a nine session Video Series that will give you an advanced goal-setting system to help achieve the level of success you desire: 
"Dirk Zeller has been helping me stay motivated in my real estate business since 2006. When the market turned down, he encouraged me to expand outside of my comfort level. Dirk's coaching helped me claw my way back into sales when I lost my rental properties to the Great Recession. 

When builders, agents, and brokers were dropping out of sales like flies, Dirk empathized with the market and gave me pointers to find business. Dirk gave me catchy phrases to advertise that drove people to my website. Each year I am gaining momentum and 2015 appears to be a record breaking year for my team and me."
~ Laura Chaney , Lawrence, KS
"Make the Decision to Become a Champion"
The greatest rewards in life are at the Champion level. There is nothing greater than the personal satisfaction and confidence you gain from being the best at what you do. 

To climb the ladder of success and know that you are well on your way to the top is like no other feeling, and it's my goal to help you get there.

If you've decided that you want to become a Champion Real Estate Agent, you've made a very important first step to getting there. Now you just have to take action...
What you'll receive in the Champion Circle™:
  • Access to All LIVE Virtual Classrooms: Weekly interactive sessions of in-depth online training with Dirk Zeller - Value: $197 - $497 per class
Classes are scheduled each month, including:
  • Buyer Edge™
  • Successful Time Management for Salespeople™
  • Expired Edge™
  • Maximize Your Success in the Spring/Summer Marketplace™
  • Listing Edge™
  • SURGE™
  • Building a High Performance Team™
  • Referral Edge™
  • Blueprint to Success™
  • Mastering Internet Lead Generation™
  • FSBO Edge™
  • FastTrack Your Production™
  • Sales Language of a Champion™
  • Monthly 90-minute Q&A for Champion Circle™ members: Monthly mentorship with Dirk Zeller for this group only Value: $997+
  • Dirk Zeller's Video Training Library with 300+ videos: Value: $497
Topics covered: Business, Buyer Conversion, Listings, FSBOs and Expireds, Leads, Marketing, Motivation, Objections, Sales, Referrals, Showings, Time Management, Prospecting
  • Private Facebook Group: Get questions answered and personally interact with Dirk
  • 50% Discounts: You'll have a member's-only promotional code that will give you a 50% discount on all of Dirk's programs, as many times as you want
  • Champion Circle™ Membership Site: You'll be able to access all of your training and bonuses in one location with a simple login you'll receive right after signing up
  • Bonus #1: The REALTOR®'s Ultimate Car Companion - Value: $197
  • Bonus #2: e-Book and Streaming Audio Library - Value: $90
  • Bonus #3: Blueprint to Success™ Goal-Setting Video Series - Value: $97
  • Total Value: $7,997+
Become a Champion Circle™ member today:
$97/Month or $997 for a Full Year (save 15%)
Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared with anyone.
Hope to see you in the first session!
Dirk Zeller, CEO
Real Estate Champions, Inc.
"Dirk Zeller makes you want to just roll up your sleeves and get into action. The strategies presented are real, they are not complicated. He is knowledgeable, encouraging and direct. It makes this training easy to implement. He is about implementation. I also really appreciate how accessible he is in the training, for answering questions real time. Thanks for this course!"
~ Lara Pietras, Media, PA
"Listing Mastery is a detailed, well paced program that helps both seasoned selling agents as well as new selling agents such as myself with the information and tools for setting the stage in converting a prospect to obtain a listing. The skillset and organization of the program far excelled my expectations.

Dirk Zeller is a fantastic coach and motivator and truly shows the passion, knowledge, and professionalism that comes out in his live sessions and continues thru his written materials. I am even going to sit down and run the webinar recordings again because it is so important to me and my team to become successful listing agents. Thank You Dirk and your great support team! Highly recommend to my other team members to take who missed out on this important program."
~ Rick Tefel, on Listing Mastery™
"Dirk will completely change your notions for the reasoning of a Listing Presentation and effectively put you in the drivers seat of your career , goals and success. Overall very happy and would recommend !"
~ Raffaele Ruggiero, on Listing Mastery™
"Great class. I've learned a lot from this entire program. My role play partner and I spoke weekly and hope to communicate regularly as accountability partners. I was particularly touched when you called me, Dirk, to talk personally about my business. It is clear to me that you are a man of principles that cares about others and lives a Godly life. I am honored to have participated. I will take your suggestions regarding my business and start with fresh eyes. I wish you excellence in life."
~ John Cresie, on Listing Mastery™
"I have completed each homework assignment between sessions and so have developed my sales presentation along the way. AWESOME class. I've never had training on a formal sales presentation so this has been great!"
~ Mary Fox, on Listing Mastery™
"The Listing Mastery class has given me the tools and confidence that I needed to move forward with more listing appointments. I have used other scripts and dialogues and I truly like the scripts that Dirk has used in the class. He has helped me understand why people should hire me to do the job of selling their home not just listing their home.

Yes I have a big WHY (goal) to meet and I broke it down into smaller pieces and I have reached 50% of my goal already I just have to meet the other 50% and I think this class has helped alot. I truly would like to get into the surge class asap."
~ Geri Waterman, on Listing Mastery™
"The scripts and all the tools I have learned throughout the sessions, it's hard to describe in one paragraph. But all information has been very valuable. Besides, I believe in Dirk's experience and like his attitude toward Real Estate very much so. It is an awesome program!!"
~ Francine Schneider, on Surge™
"I would highly recommend Listing Mastery by Dirk Zeller. The information and strategies learned in the class are integral to taking your business to the next level. Great class!"
~ Matt Ebbighausen, on Listing Mastery™
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